Official Welcome International Students
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Alma Mater fest 2021 edition will take place on October the 11th!

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Welcome to the University of Bologna! 

We are thrilled that you will be joining our international community of students, faculty and administrators. It is our goal, and mission, to ensure that you have an inspired, challenging and enlightening experience here. We hope you will get the chance to experience all of the great learning opportunities that Unibo will offer you, both in the classroom and beyond. We wish that your experience at Unibo could be a life-changing time for you to find out new ways to perceive and interact with the world from here forward.

Your next adventure starts here!

We are excited to welcome you during the Alma Mater Fest taking place next October 12, 2020.  
Alma Mater Fest is the welcome day that the University of Bologna organizes for all its international students. You will meet other students, learn about the University's services and facilities, and have fun. You will be able to attend it both onsite and online. The event Programme, Locations and Registration Form are online on this website.

The events in presence are organised in total safety, in accordance to the Covid-19 safety protocols. During the events, it will be compulsory to wear your face masks to protect the airways. 

We can't wait to welcome you at the Alma Mater Fest on October 12, don't miss it! 

Welcome at the University of Bologna