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Marchesini Group designs and builds stand-alone machines and customized lines for packaging pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Since Massimo Marchesini assembled his first cartoning machine in a garage back in 1974, the Group has turned into a “compact” multinational enterprise. Today, Marchesini Group caters for the whole packaging process of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, thus creating machines and lines to package products such as vials, syringes, carpules, bottles and blisters.


Calzoni has a long and wide experience in the design and manufacture of complex handling systems and visual landing aids for naval applications, and is part of L3 Technologies Corporate. The world main Navies are equipped with Calzoni’s sensors hosting systems for submarines, handling systems for surface ships, and deck-lighting and visual-aids systems. Calzoni also has a significant experience in developing unmanned surface vehicles and remotely operated vehicles.


G.D is the leading supplier of high-technology machinery for cigarette making and packing, filter production, other tobacco products, and special products. Thanks to its extensive range of machines available, G.D is the only manufacturer of complete high-speed lines and of a wide range of solutions for the tobacco industry. G.D is part of Coesia, a group of innovation-based industrial solution companies operating globally, headquartered in Bologna.


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Metalcastello is a world leader in the production of gears for mechanical transmissions used in many manufacturing sectors, such as earthmoving machines, agricultural tractors, industrial vehicles, and naval applications. Founded in 1952 on the initiative of two local entrepreneurs, Metalcastello is now part of the major industrial group CIE Automotive Ltd, and it is present in Europe, Asia and America, positioned among the top 100 suppliers in the world.

NCS is a multi-technology organization that offers integrated services to develop and qualify new materials, products and processes for primary industrial sectors. With expertise in material testing, engineering, design, and prototype production, NCS provides comprehensive research for the development and production of new products through the investigation of material properties and performance.

Banca Generali  is a leading player in Italy in financial planning and capital protection for clients, leveraging on its top-of-the-industry network of financial advisors and versatile and innovative asset management services. The bank manages €56.4 billion (at 31 March 2018) for more than 250.000 customers through a network of about 1.950 professionals across Italy. Founded in 2000, Banca Generali has been listed on the Milan stock exchange since November 2006 and is a subsidiary of Assicurazioni Generali, synonymous with reliability and security for over 180 years.