Position Statement

Technical dissemination and cooperation among scientists and engineers are essential ingredients for continuous scientific innovation and advancement. The Computer Society (CS) is at the forefront in these endeavors. A firmly member-focused leadership is needed to create more opportunities on a worldwide scale. If elected, I will devote all my energy to provide such a  member-focused leadership, because members are the Computer Society. Wherever  geographically located, whichever language spoken, beyond gender or nationality: inclusiveness is the key to success. It is with this primary focus that I will also address the financial sustainability issues that the CS continues to face in its operations.

I will be your voice and ears, both within and outside the CS. I have a deep and broad understanding of the IEEE and CS financial models and products, as formed through my elected appointments and volunteer roles in conferences and publications. This adds to my scientific background in computing, which I have accomplished throughout my 26-year academic and professional career, as acknowledged by my Fellow elevation.

I will enhance collaboration with other IEEE Societies/Councils for a more integrated implementation of goals and services to meet our common mission.

I will proactively support conference activities by enabling the adoption of innovative meeting features to sustain members whose in-person attendance is not possible due to geographic location, financial situation, and/or busy work schedule. I will increase the attractiveness of our conferences to younger generations by establishing specific contexts devoted to them. I will improve the CS financial sponsorship model to meet organizational and financial needs of conference organizers and to sustain their community as first priority.

As for publications, I will boost the adoption of innovative communication media for improved dissemination and enhanced interaction among members, because efficient initiatives for professional development and career advancement are needed more than ever.

As percolated throughout the above plans, my primary focus will be to better serve the members and to meet their diverse needs. Moreover, I will enhance existing programs to acknowledge and reward volunteer services. The symbiotic relationship between the CS and its membership is one that must be rejuvenated and strengthened to ensure the success of each.

If elected, I am confident that, with your help, we will be able to achieve these goals together, for the continuous advancement of technology for the benefit of humanity.