Position Statement

Today more than ever the IEEE should gather all members together in an inclusive embrace and make their voices heard at the utmost scientific, technological and social levels in support of the health, economic and social challenges that humanity is facing, due to the pandemic emergency and its aftermaths. The IEEE includes among its members: luminaries (from academia and industry) in diverse technical fields, whose collaboration and coordination could be of an unprecedented value to the current fight against epidemics and related consequences; young students and professionals, who should be mentored for their educational and professional growth; brilliant innovators, who could conceive new ideas if properly financially supported; women and underrepresented minorities, who should be helped in the struggle for equal opportunities. If elected, I will devote all my enthusiasm, energy and strength for the IEEE to hear the voice of all its members, and promote their inclusive collaboration and valorization for the benefit of humanity, now more than ever. As proven during my IEEE Computer Society presidency, together, changes are possible! For additional information, please visit https://events.unibo.it/cecilia-metra-2021-ieee-division-v-delegate-elect-director-elect-candidate/