April 27th

9.30 Registration

9.50 Welcome Address

10.00 – 10.45 Chair: Larry Karp

CHRISTIAN GOLLIER, New insights on the discounting controversy

10.45-11.15 coffee break


11.15-12.15 2 parallel sessions 

A. Chair: H. Schwerin

Anna Stünzi, The impact of green preferences on the relevance of history versus expectations

Edilio Valentini, Emissions Markets with Price Stabilizing Mechanisms: Possible Unpleasant Outcomes

Hagen Schwerin, Exhaustible and Inexhaustible Resource Investment


B. Chair: E. Roshan

Louis Dupuy, Inclusive Wealth estimates for sustainable development assessment: a comparative
approach to Genuine Savings and Comprehensive Wealth

Koji Tokimatsu, How to measure climate change mitigation efforts at endpoints impacts? results from an integrated assessment model interlinked with a lifecycle impact assessment model considering environmental external cost

Elnaz Roshan, Regional Weights and Cost-Risk Trade-off of Aerosol Solar Radiation Management and Mitigation


12.15-13.00 Chair: Marco Casari

LUCAS BRETSCHGER, Stranded Assets: How Policy Uncertainty affects Capital, Growth, and the Environment

13.00 -14.30 Lunch break

14.30-15.15  Chair: Lucas Bretschger

ANASTASIOS XEPAPADEAS, Natural Resource Management: A Network  Perspective


15.15-16.15 2 parallel sessions

A. Chair: Thanasis Stengos

Diane Aubert,  Environmental Tax Reform with Heterogeneous Regions and Imperfect Labor Markets

Mauro Sodini, Negative externalities, environmental degradation and global indeterminacy

Stefan Nabernegg, Incidence and effectiveness of national greenhouse gas mitigation policies: A macroeconomic analysis for Austrian households


B. Chair: Gianluca Iannucci

Chiara Ravetti, Why is it so hard to stop using oil? Fossil fuel discoveries and international trade

Alessandro Tavoni, Strategic Delegation in a Standard Public Good Game

Gianluca Iannucci,   Land use and pollution in a two-sector evolutionary model


16.15-17.15 coffee break

17.15-18.00 Chair: Elettra Agliardi

MICHAEL RAUSCHER, Demographic Change and Climate Change

April 28th

9.15-10.00 Chair: Michael Rauscher

PHOEBE KOUNDOURI, Ambiguity Aversion, Modern Bayesianism and Small Worlds


10.00-11.00  2 parallel sessions

A. Chair: Jean-Philippe Nicolai

Simone Borghesi, Green licenses and environmental corruption: a random matching model

Alessia Russo, Compliance Technology and Self-enforcing Agreements

Jean-Philippe Nicolai, North-South diffusion of climate-mitigation technologies: The crowding-out effect on relocation

B. Chair: Elettra Agliardi

Arnaud Goussebaïle, Prevention and Insurance in Cities, Prone to Natural Disaster Risks

Irene Monasterolo, Is there a role for Central Banks in the low-carbon transition? A Stock-Flow Consistent modelling approach

Massimiliano Mazzanti, A nonparametric analysis of green inventions and environmental policies: unveiling knowledge function shapes

Elettra Agliardi, Understanding the “greenium” in a capital structure model


11.00-11.30 coffee break


11.30-12.30 Chair: Marco Casari 

Soheil Shayegh, Climate change impact on international migration

Piotr Śpiewanowski, Killing me Softly? Regulation and Investment Leakage in Energy-Intensive Industries

Marco Casari, Carbon is forever: a climate change experiment on cooperation


12.30 -13.15 Chair: Christian Gollier

LARRY KARP, Taxes versus Quantities Revisited