The international conference "The End of Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union at its 30th Anniversary: Trajectories, Projections and Legacies" will be devoted to the discussion of the main research perspectives that have emerged in recent years for the study of the post-Yugoslav and post-Soviet areas, on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of the collapse of the USSR and Yugoslavia. The event will be organized by the Department of Political and Social Sciences in Forlì and Bologna, under the supervision of the promoters of the event (Stefano Bianchini, Marco Puleri, Massimiliano Trentin), and with the participation of international scholars. Researchers and students of the Department of Political and Social Sciences are warmly invited to take part in the event.



The event will be held entirely online (via Microsoft Teams).


Scientific Committee: Stefano Bianchini, Marco Puleri, Massimiliano Trentin.


Contact Person: Marco Puleri (