About us

We are the Italian group of Rethinking Economics, the international network of students coming together to demystify, diversify, and invigorate economics, and a founding member of ISIPE (International Student Initiative for Pluralism in Economics).



What has been done

In 2010 and 2011 students started meeting and discussing the state of economics teaching in France, England and Germany; then, two years ago the publication of the “International Student Call for Pluralism in Economics” by ISIPE ignited worldwide students’ activism and criticism: nowadays ISIPE counts almost one hundred associations from 29 countries.

One of these associations in particular proceeded to elaborate an alternative curriculum: PEPS-Èconomie (Pour un Enseignement Pluraliste de l’Èconomie) made such a proposal starting from an assessment of the current economics teaching, and then suggesting a curriculum based on the topics that an economics student must be able to address with his/her formation.

Alternative curricula have not been proposed by students only. Besides bottom-up actions there has been top-down initiatives too, such as the Institute for New Economic Thinking, a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization supporting innovative economic theories and methods and building a global community, and its postgraduates, phd and researchers-led counterpart, the Young Scholar Initiative; Reteaching Economics,a diverse group ofearly career academicsresponding to thestudent campaignforgreater pluralism in economics, promoting a pluralist economics educations;Robert Skidelsky’s international committees, formed with the intent of creating a pluralist curriculum; other local experiences such as the new Economics Bachelor at Goldsmiths University that has undergone recent changes in order to better address contemporary issues.

The curricula that have been proposed share an important characteristic: they are designed with an explicit focus on the present global challenges addressed with a pluralistic approach. In this perspective, an economist is not a natural scientist, on the quest for eternal and immutable truths; an economist is instead a social scientist, who is actively engaged in and engaging with modern society. We think this approach can yield great results towards the challenges that modern economics must address.