Marcello Bernardara

Projections and jumps between Grassmannians and Fano varieties of CY type

Barbara Bolognese

A partial compactification of the stability manifold

Enrico Fatighenti

Fano varieties of K3 type and IHS manifolds

Alice Garbagnati

On certain isogenies between K3 surfaces

Annalisa Grossi

Induced automorphisms on O’Grady’s sixfold

Emanuele Macrì

Hyperkähler fourfolds and Fano manifolds

Fabio Tanturri

On Coble hypersurfaces, Kummer fourfolds, and orbital degeneracy loci

Eleonora Anna Romano

Torus actions on projective manifolds: Combinatorics vs Birational Geometry

Salvatore Floccari

The Mumford-Tate conjecture for hyper-Kähler varieties