High Temperature Superconductors (HTS) are advanced materials which allow the development of power devices with unachieved performance as well as new functionalities.

Numerical modelling is an essential tool for the design and optimization of practical HTS devices and for improving the understanding of the fundamental properties of HTS.

A very complex behaviour is obtained when dealing with HTS materials due to high non-linearity and hysteresis, strong anisotropy, temperature dependence, high aspect ratio and complex composite structure of practical wires and tapes. Such a complex behaviour raises new challenges in the development of reliable modelling tools and requires a specialized research effort to be effectively dealt with.

This is why a series of international workshops dedicated to the numerical modelling of High Temperature Superconductors has been organized since 2010 with the support of the HTS modelling workgroup. Previous highly successful editions were held in Lausanne, Cambridge, Barcelona and Bratislava.

The 5th International Workshop on Numerical Modelling of High Temperature Superconductors will be held in Bologna, Italy, on 15-17 June 2016. In accordance with the tradition of past editions the workshop will be organized in a way to encourage comprehensive discussion and sharing of information and to stimulate the collaboration between the research groups


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