Topics of the 5th International Workshop on Numerical Modelling of High Temperature Superconductors include (but are not limited to)


  • Numerical analysis, design and optimization of practical HTS devices (power cables, rotating machines, fault current limiters, SMES, MRI, high field and accelerator magnets, HTS bulk systems, flywheels and Levitation systems, … )
  • Novel calculation methods and tools
  • Application of commercial software to HTS materials and devices
  • AC loss computation
  • Quench
  • Critical state modelling of HTS in 2D and 3D
  • Modelling of novel applications of HTS materials (wireless power transfer, hybrid HTS/ferromagnetic structures, atomic traps, resonance and chaos, new industrial applications, … )
  • Interaction between HTS devices and power network


Both Cuprates materials and MgB2 are within the scope the Workshop.