Conference Topics

The conference is organized as a series of parallel thematic sessions, with a list of topics given below.

Each delegate can present 1 contribution and 20 minutes, including questions, will be given for oral presentations.

Proposal of new sessions is welcomed. Researchers/professionals can submit the proposal of new thematic sessions, which has to be sent by email to the conference chairs and will be evaluated by the organizing committee.


List of Thematic Sessions

One of the following thematic sessions can selected during abstract submission.

  1. Additive manufacturing
  2. Advanced numerical techniques for composite structures and materials
  3. Analysis of natural fibre composites and bio-inspired design of composites
  4. Analysis of sandwich, adaptive, morphing and variable stiffness composites
  5. Beam, Plate and Shell Theories
  6. Composite structures and materials
  7. Composite structures in civil engineering
  8. Composites in concrete-based structures
  9. Composites in innovative applications (chaired by L. Solazzi)
  10. Design and applications of composites (chaired by C.X. Yang)
  11. Delamination, damage, fracture, failure and durability of composites
  12. Dynamics of composite structures
  13. Experimental Methods
  14. FRP reinforced structures
  15. Functionally graded and porous materials and structures
  16. Graphene-based composites
  17. Health monitoring and inspection techniques for composite structures
  18. Impact problems
  19. Joints
  20. Multi-scale analysis of composites
  21. Micro- and nano-mechanics
  22. Modelling and characterization of CNT-polymer composites
  23. Optimization techniques and methods
  24. Probabilistic models for composites
  25. Smart composites and structures (chaired by N. I. Khan)
  26. Stability of nano, micro and macro composite structures
  27. Thermal problems on composite structures
  28. Sustainable and recyclable and recycled composite materials (chaired by C. Mingazzini)


Special Sessions

  • 70th Birthday Prof. Sadowski (invited talks only)
  • Hybrid composites: Material, Processes and durability (chaired by A. Makradi, S. Belouettar, J. Barkanovs)
  • Durability and aging of composite materials and structures: Civil, Marine, Automotive, Aeronautical and Aerospace Applications (chaired by M. Gigliotti, F. Ascione)
  • Recent Developments and Challenges in Design and Manufacturing Composite Pressure Vessels (chaired by P.M. Weaver, S. Daghighi)
  • PRIN 2022: New Insights in the Mechanical Modeling of Cultural Heritage for Sustainable Restoration: Green Composites and Nano-Technologies (GreNaTe) (chaired by N. Fantuzzi, D. Baraldi, P. Trovalusci)
  • Use of innovative composites materials for the strengthening of historical and archaeological sites (chaired by S. Belliazzi, F. Fabbrocino, G. Ramaglia)