ECO-COMPASS Special Session

ECO-COMPASS project special session at ICCS20

Title: Ecological and Multifunctional Composites for Application in Aircraft Interior and Secondary Structures


Date: Tuesday 5th September 2017


Project website:

A special session dedicated to the research activities carried out within the ECO-COMPASS project is organized at ICCS20. The main objective of the cooperation of the Chinese and European partners in ECO-COMPASS is to develop and assess multifunctional and ecological improved composites from bio-sourced and recycled materials for application in aircraft secondary structures and interior. The following materials are being investigated in the project:

  • Bio-sourced and recycled fibres
  • Bio-sourced resins
  • Sandwich cores
  • Adapted protection technologies to fulfil the demanding requirements of aviation

Both European and Chinese partners will give presentations on the ECO-COMPASS results. Details on the presentations will follow soon.

Organizers: ECO-COMPASS consortium



EU Coordinator Jens Bachmann (DLR):
Chinese Coordinator Xiaosu Yi (AVIC Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials):
EU Dissemination Manager Dominika Behrendt:



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