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How to get to Bologna

Bologna is located in the northern part of Italy. You can reach Bologna by airplane, by train and by car.
Bologna has an International Airport with good connections to most of the European airports.
Bologna has very good train connections with most of the European cities.
Bologna is reachable by car by the well-organized Italian motorway system.

Bologna Outskirts

Bologna City Centre

By Airplane

Bologna's closest airport is Guglielmo Marconi (Bologna) International Airport (IATA: BLQ), just a few minutes from the city center, served by taxi and a special bus line called the Aerobus.

A taxi from the airport to the center costs about €15.
An Aerobus Ticket costs €6, and it stops outside the main terminus building. The ticket is also valid during 1 hour on the other busses in Bologna.
Bus 54 goes towards the west suburbs of Bologna, and will get you on to the 'main' routes.
Another bus stop is about 10 minutes walk from the airport (bus stop name: Birra - other side of the elevated motorway, follow the road out of the airport, turn right at the first roundabout and straight through the second roundabout) and you can board bus 81 and 91 which have an end stop at Bologna Central Train Station.
Bus tickets are valid for 60 minutes travel and cost €1,5.
Go to the website of the local bus company, TPER, and you will find maps that show all routes including the airport.
Ryanair flies to Bologna Gugliemo Marconi.
British Airways and Turkish Airlines have 2 or 3 flights per day (depending on season) from/to London Heathrow and from/to Istanbul Ataturk respectively.
Marconi Airport also has numerous international connections available, including nonstop flights to Amsterdam, Brussels (National), Charleroi (Brussels South), Copenhagen, Dublin, Edinburgh, Istanbul, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Moscow, Paris, Prague, Vienna, Warsaw (Modlin), Wroclaw and Zagreb.


By Train

Due to its central location and geography, Bologna has emerged as the main rail transport hub of northern Italy, making it very well-connected with other major Italian centers.
From the 14th of December 2008 the new high speed railway line is available from/to Milan, shortening the journey to 65 minutes.
Bologna is also 37 minutes from Florence, 2 hours 20 from Rome, 2 hours from Venice, 1 hour from Ferrara, etc.
The new high speed train line between Rome and Bologna is now fully available and can make trips much faster.
There is also an overnight sleeper service from Paris Bercy to Bologna. Departs Paris 6:52PM in the evening, and arrives Bologna at 6AM. Return departs Bologna 10:30PM arrives Paris 9:06AM.


By Car

The city is at the junction of the A1, A14 and A13 highways, and so is easily accessible from anywhere in Italy.
Most traffic from Milan would exit the A1 and take the Tangenziale, but beware this road at rush hour because it is horrendously packed.
Expect to use 2 hours from the A1 exit to the Tangenziale to the center at certain peak times over summer busy weekends, especially at the beginning and end of August.


Get around

Layout of the city

Looking at the map of the city (it is possible to get a free one at the Tourist Information Center in Piazza Maggiore), the first thing to do to orient yourself is to find the Due Torri landmark in the center of the free map. The center of the city is surrounded by the Viali, a circular road easily recognizable. The northeast quadrant of the map is the university district (which unlike US campus is an integral part of the city and not a separate compound). The two southern quadrants of your city map are residential sections of the city, and not common tourist areas. However, walking outside the city center, further to the south, you will come upon hills and the Giardini Margherita, the largest park of the city.

Plan your travel

A great place to start planning how to get around Emilia-Romagna region and Bologna city using buses and trains is on:

By bus

The TPER company is in charge of the buses in Bologna. Useful information can be found on their website: Tickets may be purchased prior to boarding the bus, or on the bus where there are ticket machines. If you see 2 machines on a bus (usually Red and Yellow) the Red one will sell you a ticket (1,5 EUR, valid for 1 hour) and the Yellow one will validate a 'season' or multi trip ticket. Information and ticket centers are available in central locations (railway station, coach station, city center). Useful bus maps are available there. These main ticket centres often sell multi trip tickets at a discount (eg €10 worth of travel for €8.50). You can also purchase tickets in many shops (newspaper sellers, tobacconists, cafes).

On bike

Bikes are most popular amongst the people of Bologna. They are available for hire on various location around the city (one near the train station). You can ride on the many bike trails and on the side of the road. Be sure to lock them safely with a good lock, as they get stolen all around town, especially around the University.

On foot

Bologna is a great place around which to travel on foot, as getting around the city is very simple with clear street signs. It is also a great way to find hidden gems such as Pizzerias packed with Italians (so you KNOW you reached the right place). Be a bit careful when crossing roads, the city centre swarms with scooters and small motorcycles (cars banned during the day) and they ride them everywhere.


How to get to the Conference

The Conference Venue stands in the Saragozza district at N° 2, Viale del Risorgimento.

On foot

If you have an hotel in the city center you can come on foot in around 15 minutes walk.

By Bus

The School of Engineering and Architecture is well-connected by several buses.

If you hotel is near the ring-road (so-called Viali) catch the 32 or 33 bus and get off at “Liceo Righi”.

From the centre the bus is the number 20 (Porta Saragozza stop). In either case, allow about 15 minutes.

By Train

If you arrive at the train station, catch the 33 bus and get off at “Liceo Righi”.

By Car

If arriving by car from outside Bologna, leave the motorway ring-road at Exit 5 and follow directions to the centre. On reaching the avenues forming the inner ring-road, make your way to Porta Saragozza.


Accommodation and Hotels

Bologna has several accommodation solutions related to residences and hotels. Please see attached file below.


List of Hotels in Bologna

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List of Hotels in Bologna next to the conference venue and Bologna city centre.

How to get to the Conference

School of Engineering and Architecture, University of Bologna, Italy