poster IFPH 01
Anastasia Remes (European University Institute, Florence, Italy) How the EU Institutions Showcased Europe to the World Representing European History and Culture in European Pavilions at World Expos 1958-­2010

poster IFPH 02
João Otávio Tomazini Fardin, Dariel de Carvalho, Fabio Paride Pallotta (Universidade do Sagrado Coração, USC/Bauru) Android Apps and Teaching History: Dialogues between Public History and Digital History

poster IFPH 03
João Otávio Tomazini Fardin, Dariel de Carvalho, Fabio Paride Pallotta (Universidade do Sagrado Coração, USC/Bauru) Medieval Times in Padova. Considerations about the Use of Applications in the Classroom

poster IFPH 04
Andrea Ferretti (Crono Eventi) Crono Eventi: History is Alive

poster IFPH 05
Taras Nazaruk (Center for Urban History of East Central Europe, Lviv, Ukraine) “Lviv Interactive” Project

poster IFPH 06
Iga Hetnar (University of Wrocław, Poland) Public History Ma Program, University Of Wrocław (Poland)

poster IFPH 07
Nils Steffen (Akademischer Mitarbeiter Angewandte Geschichte, Public History Ruprecht Karls Universität Heidelberg Historisches Seminar) Welcome to the Third Space! Historical Sources on Stage in “Post-­Truth’ Times”

poster IFPH 08
Daphné Budasz, Romain Duplan, Iris Pupella-­Noguès (UPEC - Université Paris-­Est Créteil) La Boîte à Histoire. Public History Consulting

poster IFPH 09
Corin Sweeny (Department of History Trinity College Dublin) St. Andrews National School Records: A Public History and Community Heritage Research Project

poster IFPH 10
Germanos Vasileiadis (PhD Candidate in Public History, Univeristy of Western Macedonia) Ifigeneia Vamvakidou (Professor - Head of Department of Early Childhood Education University of Western Macedonia) Popular Public History Magazine in Greece (1968-­): The Illustrated History

poster IFPH 11
Pycha Cenek (Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes) Socialism Realised: Life in Communist Czechoslovakia 1948-­1989

poster IFPH 12
Pycha Cenek for Andrea Průchová (Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes) HistoryLab Cz ‑ Digital Environment for Work with Primary Sources

poster IFPH 13
Olga Dudar (Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University Institute of Postgraduate Education) One Collection -­ Different Look at the Historical Process: Museum as a Public History Area

poster IFPH 14
Heba Ali Abd Elsalam (PhD Candidate Middle Tennessee State University) The Use of Public History to Preserve Cultural Heritage in Malawi Museum Minya, Egypt

poster IFPH 15
Lisa Withers, Hannah Scruggs, Alicia Ebbitt McGill (North Carolina State University Raleigh, North Carolina, USA) Meeting in “the Middle”: Using Public History and Anthropology in an International Heritage. Community-­Based Field Experience in Crooked Tree Belize

poster IFPH 16
Debora Madrid, Noemi de Haro, Miguel Rivas, Daniel Palacios, Beatriz García (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid) Modern and Contemporary Spanish Art for all: Experiences in Public Art History

poster IFPH 17
Michael Frisch (Talking Pictures, LLC/ The Randforce Associates, LLC, The Innovation Center, Buffalo-­Niagara Medical Campus, USA) Social Media Tools for Participatory Public History: Introducing the new Web-­App PixStori

poster IFPH 18
Yannis Ziogas, Elena Efeoglou (Department of Fine and Applied Arts University of Western Macedonia) Photography and Historical Narrative. Women’s Photos in Concentration Camps during the Greek Civil War (1946-­1949)

poster IFPH 19
Constance B. Shulz (University of South Carolina) Scholarly Documentary Editing in a Born-­Digital Format: The Pinckney Papers Projects

poster IFPH 20
Radhika Hettiarachchi (Search for Common Ground, Sri Lanka) Intergenerational Memory Mapping: Peacebuilding through Public History Documentation and Dialogue

poster IFPH 21
Valerie Hannin, Héloïse Kolebka, Olivier Thomas, Daphne Budasz, Julia Bellot (Magazine L’Histoire) L’Histoire Magazine Is 40 !

poster IFPH 22
Daniel Felipe Ortiz Herrera (Departamento de Historia Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá) Ilustrando Villavicencio

poster IFPH 23
Giulia Vertecchi (Université d’Aix-­Marseille, CNRS, MMSH, A*MIDEX, Aix-­en-­Provence, France) Public History and Cultural Heritage Management in the “City, River, Littoral” Project

poster IFPH 24
Silvio Berardi (Università Niccolò Cusano - Roma) Matteo Antonio Napolitano (Università Niccolò Cusano - Roma) Gianluigi Rossi (Università La Sapienza - Roma) Giuliana Podda (Link Campus University - Roma) The Italian Trusteeship of Somalia (AFIS) and the Public Use of History. Values, Traditions and Memories”

poster IFPH 25
Radu Leon, Paola Lanaro, Michele Nastasi (Inter-­University Graduate School Ca’ Foscari Venice - IUAV) Affecting Memory - Public History; Il Ragazzo del Caroto ed il ‘selfie’ al museo