Venue of the conference

An overview of the spaces of the conference

The conference will be held between Palazzo Corradini (via A. Mariani 5) and Palazzo dei Congressi (main entrance in Largo Firenze 1).

Palazzo Corradini

The seventeenth-century building of Palazzo Corradini is the main seat of the courses of the School of Arts, Humanities and Cultural Heritage of the Ravenna Campus of the Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna. It is also the headquarter of the Ravenna Campus Central Library.

Panels will be discussed in the classrooms at the first floor of the Palace. The rooms have different capacities which can not be exceeded: Aula Tumidei (100 seats); Room 2 (32 seats); Room 3 (46 seats); Room 4 (100 seats); Room 5 (71 seats); Room 6 (25 seats). Each Room is equipped with a Windows 7 personal computer, videoprojector, microphone.

A computer lab is located on the mezzanine floor of the Palace; it provides 30 pc stations with Windows 7. Participants of the Conference will receive the institutional credentials (username + password) of the University of Bologna in order to access to the computers. 

Main hall

Palazzo dei Congressi is a recent building (completed at the end of 2000) communicating with Palazzo Corradini  and managed by Fondazione Flaminia. It is located in the city centre, just a few steps away from the Alighieri Theatre. The Palace houses a conference hall with a capacity of 350 theatre folding seats arranged on steps. Other complementary and service spaces are dislocated on two floors (hall and cloakroom, exhibition rooms, lounges, bathrooms and storage rooms).