Main Topics

The concept of the Colloquium is to be a place of knowledge exchange for engineers involved in the study of lightning and protection against its effects. In this new session we would focus more specifically on:

  1. Exploitation of data provided by lightning location systems (LLS), corrections applied to measurements;
  2. Principles of lightning location, limitations and performance of existing systems;
  3. Lightning induced overvoltages and their effect on the power quality of distribution systems;
  4. Use and monitoring of surge arresters with particular reference to field experience;
  5. Numerical simulations in lightning-related studies, including lightning shielding of HVDC and UHV lines, and overvoltage protection;
  6. Direct measurement of lightning currents using instrumented tall structures;
  7. Electrical tower grounding;
  8. Improvement of the protection of overhead lines and substation equipment against lightning and other transient phenomena;
  9. Protection of underground and submarine cables against lightning.


Other topics related to lightning and protection systems against lightning will also be welcome.

The colloquium will start with keynote lectures providing the audience with the basics of lightning and enabling the participants to fully understand the articles which are to be presented.