Dialogue, Interaction and Culture: Multidisciplinary perspectives on language use in everyday life.


 The 2017 International Association for Dialogue Analysis (IADA) conference will be held from October 11th-14th, 2017 at the University of Bologna. The partners in the organization of this events are  the School of Psychology and Education, the Department of Education, the FAM (Fondazione Alma Mater), and the International Association for Dialogue Analysis.


The conference focuses on the role of dialogue or interaction in displaying, maintaining, creating yet also defying the crucial dimensions of the world we live in. This process is particularly at play – although not necessarily noticed – in everyday life. Rather than a context, this phenomenological notion indicates the obvious, routine, quasi-natural quality of most human practices taking place in ordinary as well as institutional contexts. Quoting a well known formula by John Heritage (1984) yet applying it beyond the micro-level of the hic et nunc discursive environment, we propose to conceive dialogue as “context shaped and context renewing”. Overcoming the “interactional reductionism” (Levinson, 2005) implied in focusing solely on the emergent properties of language use, as well as any simplistic return to sociocultural, psychological an even material determinism, dialogue and interaction are seen as an “intermediate variable” (Ibidem) or faits d’interface (Descola, 2016) connecting the micro-order of everyday life and the macro-order of shared culture and social structure. As Rommetveit put it forty years ago, dialogue is “the skeleton” or “the architecture of intersubjectivity” (1976).