Oct 15 - Olalla-Soler

Christian Olalla-Soler


15 October 2020 - 12:30-14:00 CEST


Bibliometrics is broadly defined as the statistical study of the flux of scientific information. One of its applications is describing the history and sociology of science or specific disciplines. In this talk, I will use bibliometric methods to picture the evolution of Cognitive Translation and Interpreting Studies (CTIS) as a sub-discipline of Translation and Interpreting Studies (TIS).


Christian Olalla-Soler

MC2 Lab, University of Bologna, Department of Interpreting and Translation

Christian Olalla-Soler works as a post-doc researcher at the Department of Interpreting and Translation of the University of Bologna, where he is a member of the Laboratory for Multilectal Mediated Communication & Cognition (MC2 Lab). He completed a PhD in Translation and Intercultural Studies at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain. Dr Olalla-Soler is a member of the MC2 Lab and of the international network Translation, Research, Empiricism, Cognition (TREC). For further info, see ORCIDh-index and lists of some publications and revisions.