Feb 18 - Tiselius

Elisabet Tiselius


18 February 2021 - 12:30-14:00 CET


Interpreters can be defined by the mode they work in – a simultaneous interpreter or a dialogue interpreter – by the setting they work in – a conference interpreter or a court interpreter, or by one of their working languages – sign language interpreter. In this talk, I will discuss cognitive aspects of the interpreting tasks and what it can tell us about a variety of different areas in interpreting, I will also briefly touch upon why certain labels for interpreters are misnomers.


Elisabet Tiselius

MC2 Lab, Stockholm University, Sweden

Elisabet Tiselius is an associate professor of interpreting studies at Stockholm University, affiliated to Karolinska Institutet and Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. She is a board member of EST and sits on AIIC’s Research Committee. Her research group Stockholm Process Research in Interpreting and Translation (SPRINT) focuses on cognitive aspects of interpreting and translation. She is funded by the Swedish research council (VR grant 2016-01118). Prof Tiselius is an external associate of the MC2 Lab and a member of the international network Translation, Research, Empiricism, Cognition (TREC). Tiselius tweets @tulkur. For further info, see ORCIDh-index and lists of some publications and revisions.