Plenary lectures

The plenary speakers of the 3rd International Conference on Mechanics of Composites are listed in the following.

Fernando Fraternali

Fernando Fraternali

Professor, University of Salerno (ITALY)

Fernando Fraternali is Professor of Structural Mechanics in the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Salerno, Italy. He received his B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Salerno, and a Ph.D. in Multiscale Mechanics from King's College London. F. Fraternali has participated as a PI or co-PI in various research projects funded by the Italian National Research Council, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Italy-USA scientific cooperation), and US research agencies. Most of his research work concerns computational mechanics; multiscale numerical modeling and simulation of materials and structures; and the computational design and engineering of innovative materials, such as highly nonlinear phononic crystals, environmentally compatible composite materials, nanomaterials and biomaterials. Prof. Fraternali was awarded a Fulbright Research Scholarship for the academic year 2005/06 and has been Visiting Professor at the Graduate Aerospace Laboratories of the California Institute of Technology since September 2005 (several periods), and the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of California, San Diego, USA, from August 2012 through to the present. Recently, he received the "2015 Hetenyi Award" from the Society for Experimental Mechanics, Inc. (Bethel, CT 06801, USA; June 2014); the "Contributions to the Variational Theory of Fracture" Award from the Vibration and Wave Propagation Laboratory of the Georgia Institute of Technology (Sept. 2012); and the "Contributions to Understanding the Behavior of Waves in Granular Systems" Award from the Granular Science Laboratory of the New Jersey Institute of Technology (Aug. 2012). Prof. Fraternali is on the Board of Editors of the International Journals: Mechanics Research Communications (Elsevier, ISSN: 0093-6413); World Journal of Engineering (Multi-Science Publishing Co. Ltd, ISSN: 1708-5284); Frontiers in Materials (Frontiers Publishing, ISSN: 2296-8016); and Curved and Layered Structures (De Gruyter Open, ISSN: 2353-7396). F. Fraternali is Guest Editor of the special issue "Multi-Scale Modeling and Characterization of Innovative Materials and Structures" of Mechanics Research Communications (Vol. 58, June 2014), and the special issue "Composite lattice materials and structures" of Composites Part B: Engineering, in press.

On the mechanics and engineering of composite lattices

Marco Gigliotti

Marco Gigliotti

Professor, Université de Poitiers and Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Mécanique et Aérotechnique, Poitiers (FRANCE)

Marco Gigliotti graduated in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Pisa, in 1999. He then received a Master of Science in Aerospace Composite Structures at the University of Bristol (UK), in 2001, under the supervision of Prof. Michael Wisnom and a PhD at the Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne (France), in 2004, under the supervision of Prof. Alain Vautrin, discussing a work on the hygrothermomechanical behaviour of composite plates under transient and cyclical environmental conditions. He has been appointed as Associate Professor at the University of Poitiers and ISAE-ENSMA (France), in 2007. Since 2014, he is Full Professor at the same University.

He carries out research at the Physics and Mechanics of Materials Department, PPRIME Institute, University of Poitiers and ISAE-ENSMA, Poitiers: his research work concerns ageing, degradation and durability of organic matrix composites materials, and involves the employment of multi-physical multi-scale experimental/modeling coupled approaches. Research is carried out collaboration with several Aeronautical/Aerospace industrial and academic partners (AIRBUS Group Innovation, AIRBUS SAS, SAFRAN Group, …), within the framework of French and International research programs (EU, ANR, FUI, FNRAE, PRC …). 

He is the recipient of the YRA Pierre & Marie Curie Award and of the Daniel Valentin Prize delivered by the French Association for Composite Materials (AMAC).  

He has supervised 9 PhD students and co-authored around 60 SCOPUS publications concerning durability and ageing of organic composite materials.  

He coordinates the ISTE-Wiley Series “Ageing and Durability of Organic Composite Materials”, and is member of the Editorial Board of “Advances in Aircraft and Spacecraft Science” (Technopress, Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Erasmo Carrera) and “Frontiers in Polymer Chemistry” (Frontiers, Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Pellegrino Musto). 

Multi-physics and multi-scale characterization of ageing phenomena in organic matrix composites for aircraft applications

Salvatore Russo

Salvatore Russo

Professor, IUAV University of Venice (ITALY)

SALVATORE RUSSO (Bologna, 1962). He graduated with 110/110 cum Laude in Architecture at IUAV University in Venice. He graduated also in Civil Engineering at the University of Trieste with 107/110. In 2002 was appointed by Iuav as Associate Professor of Structural Engineering. In 2007, he got the book (HOEPLI) on FRP structural elements. From the 2010 he is Director of the Laboratory of Strength of Material at Iuav. He is author of 192 publications, the most notable of which are n.36 International Journal papers. He has been Visiting Researcher at Rolla University (USA); Visiting Professor at Curtin University of Perth (Australia) during 2014 and 2015. At the moment he is Adjunt Professor at Curtin University of Perth, School of Civil Engineering. He has been involved by the Nova Gorika Univerity for Ph.D courses. He is responsible of many scientific research's programs (RELUIS) and international agreements; he has been member of the Trento and Brescia Doctorate Schools and he is member of the Iuav Doctorate. He is co-author of the CNR-DT 2005/2007 on the structural use of pultruded FRP members. In 2008 he received an award for the "Best scientific paper" at the 4th Int. Conf. on Composite in Civil Constructions in Zurig. He is formally cited as 'expert' of the Report-2766-EN on 'Prospect for new guidance in the Design of FRP'. He partecipated to many international research's programs and resulted winner to one (EPSRC) on "Characterising dynamic performance of fiber reinforced polymer structures for resilience and sustainability". He is RILEM Member. From the 2015 he is UNESCO's expert in the field of structural restoration of historic constructions. He is cohautor of UNESCO Guideline for "In depth condition assessment of monument at Bagan Area". For Kathmandu’s UNESCO office he is working on the structural restoration of monument hit by the recent earthquake. He has been invited as speaker in national and international conference. He is Editor of the 'Shock and Vibration' and 'Material Science and Research' Journals; he is reviewer of the most important journals in the world in the structural engineering, restoration of Cultural heritage and Composite material fields, as ASCE Composite for Construction, Composite Structures, CACAIE and Material and Design.

Analytical approach for understanding the mechanical behaviour of pultruded FRP material under severe conditions

Gaetano Giunta

Gaetano Giunta

Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), LUXEMBOURG

I hold a Ph.D. (2008) and a Master Degree (2004) in Aerospace Engineering granted by Turin Polytechnic University, Italy. I currently work as senior R&D engineer at the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology in Luxembourg.

My research consists in the formulation of hierarchical higher-order models based on a unified formulation for the linear static and large deformations, free vibration, buckling, post-buckling, thermo-mechanical and failure analysis of beam, plate, and shell structures made of laminated, piezo-electric and functionally graded materials using analytical, finite element and meshless solution methods.

I co-supervised two successful Ph.D. students funded by the Luxembourgish National Funds for Research (FNR) and I currently supervise two Ph.D. students in the framework of the project H2020-MSCA-ITN-2014 642121 “Fully Integrated Analysis, Design, Manufacturing and Health-Monitoring of Composite Structures” (FULLCOMP).

I have been principal investigator of a project on “Functionally Graded Materials Multi-Scale Modelling, Design and Optimisation” (FNR CORE C09/MS/05 FUNCTIONALLY 2010-2013) and worked on “Multi-Scale Modelling and Simulation of Wrinkling Phenomena in Nanomaterial and Composites Structures” (FNR CORE 784 868 WRINKLE 2011-2014).

As far as my scientific production is concerned, I co-authored about 50 Scopus referenced papers and the book “Beam Structures: Classical and Advanced Theories” (John Wiley & Sons, 2011).

Hierarchical modelling of composite three-dimensional beam structures

Alberto Milazzo

Alberto Milazzo

Professor at University of Palermo, (ITALY)

Alberto Milazzo graduated in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Palermo, in 1993 and received a PhD. in “Mechanics” in 1997. From 2005, he is Associate Professor at the University of Palermo, Italy, where he taught and teaches courses in Aerospace Materials and Aerospace Structures.  His research work mainly concerns computational mechanics of composites. He proposed and investigated original and alternative models and methods, mainly developed in the framework of the boundary element method and the finite element method. The research topics involve: modelling of composite laminates; modelling of homogeneous, laminated or damaged smart structures; variational formulations and meshless methods; fracture mechanics in isotropic, anisotropic and "multiphysics" materials, fast solvers for large scale numerical models He co-authored more than 60 SCOPUS publications.  He has participated as a PI or investigator in many research projects funded by the Italian Ministry of Education, and/or aerospace industries. He serves as reviewer for several international journals and he is member of international conferences scientific committees (BETEQ, ICCS).

A unified formulation for multilayered smart plate advanced models

Christophe Bouvet

Christophe Bouvet

Professor at the ISAE-supaéro (Institut Supérieur de l’Aéronautique et de l’Espace) and ICA (Institut Clément Ader), Toulouse, France

Christophe Bouvet received a PhD in Mechanics at the University of Franche-Comté, Besançon, France, in 2001, under the supervision of Prof. Christian Lexcellent, dealing with “Shape memory alloys under non-proportional loading”. Between 2002 and 2009 he was Associate Professor of Structural Engineering and Composite Structures at the University Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France. And since 2009 he is Full Professor of Structural Engineering and Composite Structures at the ISAE-supaéro (Institute of Aerospace Engineering, Toulouse, France).

He carries out research in the research group “Composites Materials and Structures” at the Institut Clément Ader, University of Toulouse. His research work deals with damage in composite structures (impact, compression after impact, open hole tension, crack propagation…), finite element modeling of damage in composite structures and measure of fracture toughness in composite structures using Infrared Thermography. Research is carried out collaboration with several Aeronautical/Aerospace industrials (Airbus, Airbus Helicopters, Airbus Safran Launchers, Segula Technologies, Sogeti High Tech, SKF Aerospace…). He has supervised 15 PhD students and co-authored around 60 Scopus publications concerning damage of composite materials and shape memory alloys.

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Evaluation of fracture toughness in composite structures using Infrared Thermography