Presentation Instructions & Submission

Summary of instructions

You are reminded that a portion of your time slot is devoted to questions:

     - 15 min talk = 12 min oral presentation + 3 min Q&A
     - 25 min talk = 20 min oral presentation + 5 min Q&A

- Please plan and then rehearse your presentation to ensure that you will stay within the time limit. Thank you in advance for your consideration of the scheduling limitations.

- Presenters will be provided with a visual signal at 12/20 minutes to wrap up. In order to maintain the tight schedule each day, and in fairness to others, presentation times will be strictly enforced.

- The presentation format can be: ppt, pptx, pdf, odp, and must be uploaded on a dedicated conference computer equipped with Windows 10, Office 2013 and LibreOffice 5.1.

- The filename of the presentation should include, as first word, the presenter’s SURNAME (e.g. “Goofy_MRPM13.ppt”);

- The Speakers are warmly encouraged to upload their presentation using the following link at least a week before the conference starts.
In any case, the Speakers are required to submit their presentation to the conference technician at least 30 minutes before the start of the lecture session in which the presentation is scheduled. A “Presentation Upload Point” will be located in a dedicated room near the Conference Room.
Ensure you have your presentation available on a USB drive to provide to the technician.

- If your presentation includes special audiovisual needs, please contact the Organizing Committee at least 10 days before the conference so we may attempt to meet special needs.

- Speakers are asked to be present in the conference hall at least 30 minutes before their session start time.

Each Poster will be assigned a number, which you will find in the "Poster List" page already online.
Please note that posters will be presented in two poster sessions:
   Poster session 1, from P01 to P47: Monday 5th September.
   Poster session 2, from P48 to P92: Tuesday 6th September.
Posters P01-P47 must be mounted from the morning of Monday, 5th September, and must be removed at the end of the poster session 1.
Posters P48-P92 must be mounted from the morning of Tuesday, 6th September, and must be removed at the end of the poster session 2.

You are asked to adhere to the following guidelines when preparing your poster:
   (i) Posters must be in portrait format;
   (ii)Posters must be printed and must be in the Standard A0 Portrait paper size (Height/Tall = 1189 mm, Width = 841 mm) .
   (iii)Any poster printed in landscape format or larger than the provided size cannot be displayed at the conference.
   (iv) Each Poster will be assigned a number, which you will find in the Poster List already online (, a hard copy of which will be included in the Conference Kit you will receive on registering at the Conference itself. Please mount your Poster in the space under your assigned Poster number.

To upload a Presentation to MRPM13, please use the following link: Presentation upload form