NMR School Programme

NMR School on “Basics of NMR in Porous Materials”

A two-day NMR school will be held just before the conference (3rd-4th September 2016) aimed at young scientists (post-graduate students, PhD students and post-doctoral fellows) registered for the conference.

Programme and lesson titles: 

     13:00 ÷ 13:45 Registration
     13:45 ÷ 14:00 Welcome - Ferruccio Trifirò, President of the Academy of Science  
     14:00 ÷ 15:30 Bernhard Bluemich - The NMR phase: k and q 
     15:30 ÷ 16:00 Coffee break 
     16:00 ÷ 17:30 Jean-Pierre Korb - Principles and Applications of Fast Field Cycling NMR Relaxation

      10:00 ÷ 11:30 Ville-Veikko Telkki - Laplace NMR
      11:30 ÷ 12:00 Coffee break
      12:00 ÷ 13:30 Lizhi Xiao - Tight reservoir and shale
      13:30 ÷ 14:30 Lunch

Accommodation for PhD students and Research Fellows and fee

About 40 bedsits with 2 beds, a bathroom and small kitchen in the University residences are available for young participants (PhD students and Research Fellows) of the NMR School and/or MRPM13 conference, at special low prices (160-200 Euro per person for 5-7 nights). Bedsites will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

NMR School fee (Euro): 30 


NMR School classroom
   NMR School will be held in the Ulysses hall of the

Academy of Science of Bologna 
      (Via Zamboni 31, Bologna)

  Founded in 1690, the Academy of Sciences of Bologna Institute has a history of more than three centuries. Among its members were the famous Italian and foreign scientists Luigi Galvani, Guglielmo Marconi, Albert Einstein, Giovanni Pascoli, Marie Curie.

Ulysses hall
   With the perspective illusionism effects that anticipate the Baroque period, the decorative cycle dedicated to the story of Ulysses occupies two vaults of Palazzo Poggi. Made by the Lombard painter Pellegrino Tibaldi (1527-1596) between 1549 and 1551, commissioned by Cardinal Giovanni Poggi , it shows in the gigantism of the figures and in the plasticity of the poses the lesson imparted by Michelangelo Buonarroti in the Sistine Chapel . In the Ulysses hall the following scenes are represented:  Ulysses in the presence of Alcinous; the companions of Ulysses take the herds of the Sun; Zeus causing the shipwreck of Ulysses; Ulysses saved by the nymph Ino (Leucothea).

   The Organizing Committee would like to thank Prof. Ezio Mesini and Prof. Ferruccio Trifirò, President of the Academy of Science, for hosting the NMR School in the Academy's Ulisse Hall.