NMR School and Conference


A two-day NMR school will be held just before the conference (3rd-4th September 2016) at the Academy of Sciences of Bologna Institute (Via Zamboni 31, Bologna).
Founded in 1690, the Academy of Sciences of Bologna Institute has a history of more than three centuries. Among its members were the famous Italian and foreign scientists Luigi Galvani, Guglielmo Marconi, Albert Einstein, Giovanni Pascoli, Marie Curie.

Oratory of San Filippo Neri

The Conference Opening Ceremony will take place on the afternoon of 4th September at the Oratory of San Filippo Neri (Via Manzoni 5, Bologna).  The Oratory is a restored late-Baroque religious structure in the historical centre of Bologna, originally decorated by a series of artists including Alfonso Torregiani (architect),  Angelo Piò (sculptor) and Francesco Monti (painter). The oratory now contains the altarpiece of Ecce Homo by Ludovico Carracci.


The Scool of Engineering and Architecture

From 5th to 8th September, the Conference will be held at the School of Engineering and Architecture of the University of Bologna (Viale del Risorgimento 2, Bologna, Italy).
The older complex, containing laboratories, lecture rooms, and areas for students, researchers and teachers, stands in the Saragozza district at N° 2, Viale del Risorgimento. The building is a prime example of twentieth-century architecture, designed by architect Giuseppe Vaccaro and inaugurated in 1935. With its ribbon windows and horizontal lines offset by the starkly vertical tower, the Porta Saragozza complex on land once belonging to Villa Cassarini was the first work of proper modern architecture to adorn the town of Bologna. A large building catering for study and research requirements, its main architectural feature a red-brick tower housing a valuable collection of ancient tomes. The present School of Engineering and Architecture stems from the School of Applied Engineering based in the former monastery of San Giovanni dei Celestini near Piazza Maggiore.