Mauro Tosco

Mauro Tosco

Università di Torino

Mauro Tosco is Professor of African Linguistics at the University of Turin. His main area of research is the Horn of Africa, where he has been working on the analysis and description of underdescribed Cushitic languages in an areal and typological perspective. Among his books: A Grammatical Sketch of Dahalo, including texts and a glossary (Hamburg, 1991), Tunni: Grammar, Texts and Vocabulary of a Southern Somali Dialect (Köln, 1997), The Dhaasanac Language (Köln, 2001); The Gawwada Language (in preparation).

A native speaker of Piedmontese, an endangered language, he works on the expansion and revitalization of minority languages, language policy and ideology.

Pidgins, creoles and language contact (Pidgin and Creole Languages: A Basic Introduction; München, 2001; with Alan S. Kaye) are his third main domain of research