Although the Campus of Ravenna does not offer accommodation service, please find following some useful tips to find an accommodation in Ravenna:


Fondazione Flaminia

Fondazione Flaminia provides accommodation services for students. The Call for Application will be out in July and in October 2020. For more detailed information and application deadlines, see: 


Facebook Groups


Notice boards (bacheca)

Once you are in Ravenna, the other option is to look for advertisements on the notice boards

  • Palazzo Corradini, Via Mariani, 5 Entrance hall, right-hand side - Conservazione dei Beni Culturali (Conservation of Cultural Heritage)
  • Via Oberdan, 1 Entrance hall on the ground floor - Giurisprudenza (Law)
  • Via Tombesi Dall'Ova, 55 Entrance hall, left-hand side - Ingegneria (Engineering Dept.)
  • Palazzo Santa Croce - Via Guaccimanni, 42 Near the vending machines (at the entrance hall go straight on, then turn right) at ground floor - Science for Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage - SCoRe
  • Via Sant'Alberto, 163, Blocco aule in front of "Renzo Sartori" laboratory, in the entryway - Scienze Ambientali (Environmental Science)
  • Palazzo Verdi, Via Pasolini, 23 - at the reception - ground floor - International Cooperation on Human Rights and Intercultural Heritage - I-CONTACT

Short term accommodation

Looking for a temporary hotel accommodation enabling you to settle down and search for the rest of your University stay once in Ravenna? 

Ufficio Informazioni Turistiche / I.A.T. Ravenna
Piazza San Francesco 7 - Ravenna
tel. +39 0544 482838


Just to give you an idea of the costs:

Usually a single room costs around 270-300 euro per month; a double room around 200-250 and one-roomed apartment will be 400-500 euro per month.


Please note: please be aware that in order to apply for the residence permit and to apply for ER.GO scholarship, you will need to submit a copy of accommodation lease contract.