Italian Language Courses

NEW! Second semester 18/19 edition is now available. Check the programme and timetable below. The following Italian Language courses will be offered to International Students for the 2018-2019 academic year.

All Ravenna Campus International Students, Exchange students and PhDs are welcome to join the:

The Second Semester edition of the Italian Language and Culture Course offered by Ravenna Campus


Where: Room 2 - Palazzo Corradini – Via Mariani, 5 Ravenna.

When:  March-April 2019

First Lesson: 6 March, 2019 from 5 to 7 p.m.


The Course is free of charge, optional and extra-curricular. 

It will not be included in your study plan or official transcripts of records and credits will not be issued (unless your home university accepts to recognise the Italian Language Course as CFU - University Credits. Please check with your home University).

Nevertheless, all international students and PhDs  studying in Ravenna are highly recommended to improve their level of Italian in order to increase your cross-cultural experiences, foster your integration in the local community and have more opportunities and working prospects for your future.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us at

RAVENNA CAMPUS Italian Language and Culture course 

Where? at RAVENNA CAMPUS check the timetable. When? September-October 2018 for the first semester and March-April 2019 for the second semester Who? All International students are welcome to participate. How? It's very easy, just register using the IWW Registration Form, no test is required, the course if free of charge. Why? Because... (you fill in the gap!)... But for sure because you are in Italy and learning Italian will help you to fully enjoy your stay!!!

Ravenna Campus offers an intensive Italian Language and Culture course for international students wishing to learn or improve their knowledge of the Italian language and culture. The course aims at providing the basic tools for your daily life as International Students in Ravenna as well as for your social and cultural integration.



Italian course offered by CLA (University Language Centre)

CLA (University of Bologna Language Centre) offers 1 free of charge 50-hour Italian language course to exchange and international students. 

How to enrol in a course and deadlines:

Students are required to sit an online test followed by an interview in order to assess their Italian Language knowledge level. They will be placed according to the test + interview results. Please be aware that at Ravenna campus not all levels will be activated.

1-     Do the online test and register online for the oral test from 20 August – 26 September at 10.00 am. Register ASAP not to miss the opportunity to sit the test, there are limited number of oral tests available. 

2-     Take the oral test 27 September – 2 October