Pre-enrolment on UNIVERSITALY

Pre-enrolment on UNIVERSITALY Step-by-Step guide and Virtual Info Point Sessions F.A.Q. Here you will find the answer to most of the questions we will be collecting during the Info Point Sessions, you are invited to read them carefully.


Step-by-step guide

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Step-by-step guide: how to pre-enrol on Universitaly


Frequently Asked Questions on the Pre-enrolment procedures on UNIVERSITALY




Q.       I need to be guided through the pre-enrolment procedures, can I get your support?

A.       Certainly, 2 specific info point sessions have been planned to guide you through the pre-enrolment procedures on Universitaly, please check the Virtual Info Point F.A.Q. here below and make sure to join us online via TEAMS (July the 9th and July the 30th)


Q.        I already started the pre-enrolment process on Universitaly. On the application on step C I need to upload qualifications that allows access to the course. I uploaded only my diploma certificate, supplement and Ielts test report form. There is also possibility to upload Declaration of Value (which I haven’t got yet cause haven’t started the pre-enrolment at the embassy) and also legalisations and translations. Should I upload all these above mentioned with Pdf file on the Universitaly or should I just present all that documents(legalisations and translations) at the embassy?

A.           Please upload the same Academic qualifications certificates, Diploma, English proficiency and any other documents you have submitted in your online Application for the selected Master Degree. The DOV shall be requested at the Embassy, you are not asked to upload it now. 


Q.        I have a question regarding declaration of the economic situation, do I need to submit these papers to UNIVERSITALY pre-enrollment application page? 

A.         No, you are not requested to submit any document regarding your economic situation on UNIVERSITALY  but please be informed that in order to get your VISA for study/enrolment you will need to provide the Italian Consulate/Embassy with any relevant documents assessing your economic situation, please contact the Embassy for further details.


Q.        I have some difficulties with pre-enrollment registration in UNIVERSITALY portal. I registered on the website of UNIVERSITALY and created my profile, but they did not ask me any university information or did not give me any application form

A.         After registering in the Universitaly portal, you have to login with your credentials to the portal. In the first opening page, you will see directly the correct link to access to the pre-enrolment form.


Q.        Would you be able to provide information regarding how to navigate housing for the visa application? I am unsure of when to start looking and how to declare that on the visa application form in the next month.

 A.         In some Countries, the Italian Embassy/Consulate may ask for accommodation declaration in visa application. Normally, a basic two weeks booking in a hotel/hostel must have been worked. However, the Italian Embassy/Consulate may ask for a housing contract (i.e. for American citizens in visa application) You should ask your particular Embassy/Consulate to clarify.


Q.        If the documents I have submitted need modification or re-uploading, I would kindly ask you to check and inform me so I can correct it as mentioned on Universitaly website: "In case you need to modify the application after you have submitted it please contact the University directly, they will check your request and eventually reopen the application"

 A.         Some application details may be modified, some others may not, please contact the International Desk main Office in Bologna: (copying your degree programme email address).


Q.        Can we pre-enroll for two courses?

A.        During the pre-enrolment procedure, you will be asked to select the University and the degree programme you wish to matriculate in. In case you wish to change the pre-enrolment degree programme or university and your pre-enrolment application has already been validated, please check the following webpage:


Virtual Info Point International Desk - 1 (July the 9th) Admission and Pre-enrolment procedures F.A.Q.

Virtual Info Point International Desk 2 (July the 30th) - Er.Go benefits and Pre-enrolment procedures F.A.Q.