RavennaCampus for the Oceans

World Ocean Day 2022


On the occasion of the WORLD OCEAN DAY

Wednesday 8 June 2022, 5.30-7.30 pm

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(the meeting will be in Italian)

Greetings and Introduction by Elena Fabbri

Speakers: Professors, researchers and students of the Centro Interdipartimentale di Ricerca per le Scienze Ambientali (CIRSA, Campus of RAVENNA): 

Nadia Pinardi, connected from the Euromediterranean Center for Climate Change (Lecce):  Empowering coastal communities to address local and global challenges (Coast Predict, UNESCO)

Laura Pezzolesi:  Recent achievements in the Interreg Project CASCADE  for the protection and management of marine ecosystems

Alice Ferrari, the results of PRIZEFISH project and presentation of the new project TECHERA

Marine Biology Students, connected from Rovigno (Croazia) during the week of the Interdisciplinary Laboratory at Sea, part of the Marine Biology Programme

Researchers of the Operational Oceanography group,  connected from Spalato (Croazia) during the Meeting of the International ADRIACLIM Project

The meeting is indexed on the World Ocean Day website: https://worldoceanday.org/event/ravennacampus-per-gli-oceani

Elena Fabbri

Full Professor of Physiology at the University of Bologna and teaches at the Ravenna Campus. She served as President of the Ravenna University Campus until January 2022, and is now the Rector's delegate for University Orientation activities. She is Coordinator of the Erasmus Mundus Master in Water and Coastal Management (WACOMA, https://wacoma.unibo.it/). Her research concerns the mechanisms of action of hormones at the cellular level and the adverse effects on the health of marine organisms caused by environmental pollutants termed "endocrine disruptors" (microplastics, plastic additives, drug residues, etc.). She has authored undergraduate texts on the Physiology of marine animals.

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Nadia Pinardi
She holds a PhD in Applied Physics from Harvard University, and is Full Professor of Oceanography at the University of Bologna. Her interests range from numerical modeling of the oceans, to forecasting, data assimilation, numerical modeling of marine physico-biological interactions and pollutants in the sea, coastal forecasting and coupling with hydrology.
Since 2019 she has been vice-president of the Infrastructure Commission of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).
In 2015 the President of the Republic awarded her the title of "Commendatore dell'Ordine al merito della Repubblica italiana" and in 2017 the Honoris Causa Degree for Operational Oceanography at the University of Liège.
See also: https://www.unibo.it/sitoweb/nadia.pinardi/en

Laura Pezzolesi
Associate Professor in General Botany at the Department of Biological, Geological and Environmental Sciences of the University of Bologna and member of the Interdepartmental Center for Industrial Research "Renewable Sources, Environment, Sea, Energy - FRAME". She has obtained a PhD in Environmental Sciences - Protection and Management of Natural Resources deepening the study of harmful microalgae, with particular interest in the dynamics of growth and development of blooms and the production of algal toxins. She has carried out post-doc research at the BiGeA, CIRSA and CIRI Energy and Environment of UNIBO and at the DISVA of the Marche Polytechnic University. She has carried out research activities as a visiting scientist at Plant Research International (Wageningen, The Netherlands), the NRC-CNRC (Halifax, Canada) and NOAA (Charleston, South Carolina, USA). She carries out teaching activities in the degree in Environmental Science and in the LM in Marine Biology holding the courses of Plant Biology and harmful algal blooms and biotoxins. Her research is currently focused on the dynamics and monitoring of phytoplankton and phytobenthos in coastal areas, on the production of allelopathic compounds by marine algae and their role in the interactions between different organisms, and on the cultivation of microalgae producing bioactive compounds for industrial applications. She has participated in several national and international projects, currently she is involved in the INTERREG CASCADE project "Coastal and marine waters integrated monitoring systems for ecosystems protection and management".
See also: https://www.unibo.it/sitoweb/laura.pezzolesi/en

Alice Ferrari

Temporary Researcher at the Department of Biological, Geological and Environmental Sciences, she focuses her scientific interests on biodiversity conservation. She has developed a keen interest in the use of molecular markers and NGS technologies (e.g. RNA-seq) to study molecular taxonomy, population genetics and the evolution of cartilaginous fishes. The main topics of his PhD and postdoctoral research are the evolutionary mechanisms underlying the phenotype-genotype relationship in stingrays (Batoidea). She also has a strong interest in the use of molecular techniques for food traceability, being involved in EU-funded projects focused on fishery resource management and fisheries supply chain innovation.