The Hera Group is one of the major multi-utility companies in Italy.


It offers the sustainable management of several public services to 4.4 million citizens in 357 municipalities spread over 5 Italian regions (Emilia Romagna, Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Marche and Tuscany), where around 4.4 million citizens live.

Hera provides energy (distribution and sale of gas and electricity), water (water systems, sewage and treatment) and waste management (collection and disposal) services to citizens and enterprises. Hera is a company renowned for its reliability, soundness and competitiveness.

Its strengths lie in:

the balance of its services, comprised of services managed according to free market criteria (sale of gas and electricity, and disposal of special waste) and regulated services (gas and electricity distribution, integrated water services, collection and disposal of waste);

strong roots in the areas in which it operates and deep focus on sustainability;

a widespread shareholding structure with around 20 thousand shareholders.


Among the first companies at European level, Hera quantifies the share of EBITDA generated by activities that respond to the priorities of the “Global Agenda” and, therefore, that effectively contribute to the sustainable development of the served area: this figure amounted to around Euro 300 million in 2016, 33% of the total.


Hera also supports the smart use of energy.

The key commitment that the Group assigned to energy efficiency continued in 2016 thanks to ISO 50001 certification achieved by seven Group companies. The target set to reduce energy consumption by 3% will be exceeded and will be raised to 5% in 2020.

Our contribution to combating climate change has improved, following the decision in 2017 to use only energy from renewable sources for all activities managed in Emilia-Romagna.



Thermal Science and Engineering Progress


website: www.journals.elsevier.com

Thermal Science and Engineering Progress.

Editor-in-Chief: David Reay.

This new Elsevier journal aims to encompass the many and varied thermal phenomena and processes that scientists and engineers investigate in the quest for greater understanding and more informed application of ‘heat’. TSEP will be a medium for papers reporting on innovations that may not find a home in journals devoted to either applied engineering or fundamental science.

The range of topics covered by Thermal Science and Engineering Progress addresses the rapid rate of development being made in thermal transfer processes as they affect traditional fields, and important growth in the topical research areas of aerospace, thermal biological and medical systems, electronics and nano-technologies, renewable energy systems, food production (including agriculture), and the need to minimise man-made thermal impacts on climate change.

You can read the first volumes on ScienceDirect




Thesan SpA is the inventor and manufacturer of Aircare ES, a Controlled ventilation and filtration system with heat recovery.

Website: http://www.thesan.com 

Aircare ES helps to guarantee proper air exchange in residential buildings, offices, hotels and schools, whether newly constructed or after remodelling.

Proper air exchange, combined with thermal and electricity savings, ensures an improvement in energy class certification or the achievement of excellent energy classes, leading to energy efficient buildings (A, A+, A gold, NZEB), with extremely low energy consumption and adequate air quality.














Solar Ready

Website: http://solar-ready.co.uk

Solar Ready is an award winning British manufacturer leading the development of sustainable energy technology into the global market place. Recognized in the field of renewable technology by Saffa Riffat – President of World Society of Energy Technologies (WSSET)

Our technology reduces the power required in everyday devices and provides unrivalled performance versus any other energy storage solution and distribution product.




Pridopia Limited

Unit 2, Lenton Business Centre, Lenton Boulevard, Nottingham NG7 2BY U.K. Telephone: 0844 249 2899 

Website: www.pridopia.co.uk

Pridopia Limited was founded in 2008. We are one of the leading companies in the
world providing special extension card and serial communication device for computers.
We specialize in research and development in the technology of the I/O controller

We have full ranges of Mini PCI Express (PCIe), Mini PCI, PCMCIA, EXPRESS, PCI, PCI Low
Profile, PCIe Low Profile, Mini PCI, PCIe (PCI Express) I/O cards for laptops and desktops.
It includes: RS232/ RS422/ RS485/ Parallel/ USB2.0/ USB3.0/ 1394a/ 1394b and SATA.
To cater for the worldwide I/O cards trend, we started to develop extension function
cards for Raspberry Pi in September 2012. We have now developed over 100+
associated products and as a result have become the leading company in the UK to have
a full range of add-on boards for Raspberry Pi.

Our ability to design and manufacture both in the UK and Taiwan gives us the edge over
worldwide competitors. We can not only provide the most complete product lines for
you to select from; but can also tailor-make to your specification to meet your needs
and effectively increase product demand in a highly competitive and fast moving
technology market.

All the products are manufactured in Taiwan and are therefore of exceptional superior
quality. We are able to provide you with a single source for every connectivity part you
need. No matter what the latest technology or legacy products demand, we can provide
solution to bridge the gap between the old and new.

Our mission is to provide innovative data communication products to ensure you can
always connect, configure and control your devices no matter how fast technology
develops. We are also committed to providing exceptional and consistent quality via
individually tailored products and solutions, coupled with exemplary customer service
and absolute integrity.