How to get there & Accomodation

Conference Venue

Conference will be taken at the University of Bologna Imola Campus (Palazzo Vespignani), via Giuseppe Garibaldi 24, Imola (Italy).

How to get there

  • By car

Imola is easy to rech by car through the motorway A14 (exit "Imola")

  • By railway

Getting off at the stop "Imola", you can arrive from Bologna (from the west), or Ravenna, Rimini, Ancona (from the east)

  • By airplane

The closest airports are those of Bologna (35 min), Forlì (50 min) and Rimini (about 1 hour)



Imola has numerous 3 to 5 stars hotels. A map of the hotel locations and a list with contact details will soon be available on the Conference web site.

For reservation and information about hotels contact

Santerno Travel Agency

Contact person e-mail: (Ms. Patrizia Paoletti)

tel +39 0542 32372

via Saragat 19, 40026 Imola, Italy