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is expert in soil genesis, classification, mapping and conservation, with current research activities in organic viticulture and digital soil mapping. He is research director at the Research Centre for Agriculture and Environment of Florence, belonging to the CREA National council for agricultural research and economics. He was a lecturer on contract of Pedology by the University of Siena from 1999 to 2008. He obtained the qualification to teach Pedology as full professor in 2014. He was tutor of Ph thesis and member of International doctorates in Italy, Spain and France. Currently, he is member of the International doctoral school of the University of Campobasso (Italy), Secretary of the European Society for Soil Conservation, member of the Academies of Georgofili and of Agriculture, and former president of the Commission on Paleopedology of the International Union of Soil Sciences. He is the chair of Pillar 4 “soil data and information” of the European Soil Partnership, (FAO initiative “Global Soil Partnership”) and chair of the Pillar 4 of the Italian Soil Partnership. He is member of the EIP-AGRI Focus Group: Moving from source to sink in arable farming and of the Focus Group Soil Organic Matter in Mediterranean regions. He was member of the past EU soil WG for the INSPIRE directive.

He at present coordinates the EU research projects RESOLVE - Restoring optimal soil functionality in degraded areas within organic vineyards; CORE Organic Plus Author of more than 200 papers and books (clic here)


Agr. Eng. (UCV-Venezuela); Dr. Eng. Agr. (UdL,Spain); MS & PhD Soil Science (UCR,USA); Spec. Drainage Agricultural Lands (ILRI-Univ. Wageningen, The Netherlands); Spec. Soil Salinity (USSL-USDA, USA)

Prof. Emeritus (UdL, Spain), Founder and President ISCO; Founder, Vice-President and Life Honorary Member WASWC; President Section Soil and Water Conservation SECS; Member Exec. Com. ESSC; Honorary Member of SVCS, SCCS, SLCS.

Past Director College Soil Physics (ICTP-Italy); Past Director Latin-American School of Soil Physics; Past President of the Subcom. Soil and Water Conservation (IUSS); Past Member Council IBSRAM (Thailand); Past Director of the Dr. Program “Soil, Water and Environment” (UdL, Spain); Past Advisor and Expert of FAO in Soil Salinity and in Soil Degradation

Director of 15 Dr. thesis and 13 MS thesis

Visiting Professor and Invited Researcher in universities and Research Centres in Latin America (Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, Paraguay, Chile, Colombia,  Costa Rica, México, Venezuela), USA, Europe (Spain, Italy, Belgium, The Netherlands, Poland, Hungary), Asia (China, India, Thailand) and Africa (Kenya, Nigeria¸ Ivory Coast, Senegal)

More than 200 publications (books, chapters of books, papers in journals) in the area of Soil and Water Management and Conservation. 


holds a B.Sc. and M.Sc. degree in Agricultural Engineering, a M.Sc. degree in Eremology and a Ph.D. degree in Applied Biological Sciences, from Ghent University (UGent), Belgium. He is Professor in Soil Physics at UGent since 2008, head of the Soil Physics Group at UGent, chairman of the UNESCO Chair in Eremology, and is programme director of the International Master Program in Physical Land Resources at UGent. He is treasurer and Executive Committee member of the European Society for Soil Conservation.

His research interests include hydro-physical characterization of soils at various temporal and spatial scales (using a variety of methods ranging from visual to soil- and geophysical techniques), and impacts of soil-improving cropping systems on soil physical quality and soil functions like water transport and crop growth.

He is active in various soil-water and soil-health related national and international research projects in all continents. He received 80+ national and international research grants. He has published widely in soil science, agricultural science and water resources journals. As of March 2018, he has (co)authored 166 refereed papers (150 in SCI-Exp journals), 27 book chapters, 170+ conference contributions and edited 11 books. He supervised 27 PhD theses (14 of which ongoing) and 103 MSc theses. He has been an editor of Catena and is currently editor of Soil Use and Management.


is Senior Research Scientist with the International Centre for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies (CIHEAM) Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari in Italy since 1999 where he teaches soil science and natural resources management. Prof. Zdruli regularly review papers for 24 journals and is editorial board member of other three. Prior to joining the Bari Institute, he was Visiting Scientist (for two years) with the EC’s Joint Research Centre at Ispra, Italy and Senior Fulbright Research Scholar (for five years) at the USDA NRCS in Washington, D.C. He graduated in 1981 from the Agricultural University of Tirana in his native Albania and pursued graduate studies and research in the USA sponsored by the Fulbright Foundation. Prof. Zdruli has published 80 papers and technical reports on relevant soil management topics and has edited 12 books. He is member of IUSS, Soil, Crop and Agronomy Society of America, Italian Society of Soil Science, European Soil Partnership, Fulbright Association, former European Soil Bureau Network (ESBN) of the EC, member of the ESBN WG “Soil Awareness and Education”, member of the Editorial Board of the new World Atlas of Desertification (WAD) sponsored by EC and UNEP, Chair of the WAD Working Group “Soil”, member of the, Land policy Lead Author for the Global Environmental Outlook (GEO6) conducted by UNEP and editorial board member of the on-going Soil Atlas of Asia