Roberto Di Giulio

Roberto Di Giulio

full professor, Department of Architecture, University of Ferrara

Roberto Di Giulio is an architect, PhD in "Architecture Technology", full professor at the Department of Architecture, University of Ferrara, where he has been the Dean from 2012 to 2018.

He is the CEO and Scientific Director of the spin-off INCEPTION, an innovative start-up incubated at the University of Ferrara that he founded after coordinating the INCEPTION project "Inclusive Cultural Heritage in Europe through 3D semantic modeling", funded by the European Commission within the Reflective 7 - Horizon 2020 program.

He is the Scientific Coordinator of “4CH - Competence Centre for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage” the ongoing research project funded by the European Commission to set up the European Competence Centre for preservation and conservation of Monuments and Sites.

His research activities cover a broad range of issues including studies of materials performances and building design methodologies, innovative technologies and design methodologies for Cultural Heritage conservation and restoration, maintenance strategies and building pathology applied to the historic and contemporary buildings.

Heritage and Crises in the Digital Age