Séminaire Lotharingien de Combinatoire - Schedule

In this session we have a single main speaker Christian Stump, eleven contributed talks and a Poster Session on Monday evening.

Schedule SLC 89


Monday 27th 

Tuesday 28th

Wednesday 29th

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Saud Maia Leite



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Poster Session 




Christian Stump

Ruhr-Universität Bochum

Subword complexes and brick polyhedra: from pipe dreams to Bruhat cones and generalized associahedra

Contributed talks


Bastidas José : The Primitive Eulerian polynomial

Sentinelli Paolo : Linear extensions and shelling orders

Charles Balthazar : Minimal elements of Shi regions in affine Weyl groups

Dermenjian  Aram : Enumerating Weyl Cones of Shi arrangements

Dorpalen-Barry Galen : The Poincare-Extended ab-Index

Legatheaux Martins Inês : The rank partition: new applications in matroid and representation theory

Mantovani Chiara : A realization of poset associahedra as sections of graph associahedra

Pagaria Roberto : Integral points in graphical zonotopes: an application to the Hitchin fibrations 

Philippe Eva : Geometric Aspects of Realizations of the s-Permutahedron

Rodrigues Inês : A local characterization of quasi-crystal graphs

Saud Maia Leite Leonardo :  A study about the chain polynomial of the lattice of flats of a matroid

Poster Session


Azenhas OlgaNon Symmetric Cauchy kernel, crystals and last passage percolation

Campioni Lorenzo : Maximal Unrefinable Partitions into Distinct Parts

Chenevière Clément : On linear intervals in the alt nu-Tamari lattices

Di Trani Sabino : Some Combinatorial Smoothness Criteria for T-Fixed Points in Flat Linear Degenerations

Dorien Albertin : A quasisymmetric invariant for families of posets

Henriet Corentin : From Tamari intervals to planar simple triangulations

Höngesberg Hans : Alternating sign matrices with reflective symmetry and plane partitions: n+3 pairs of equivalent statistics

Jang Jihyeug : Negative moments of orthogonal polynomials

Poullot Germain : Monotone path polytopes: the case of the hypersimplex \Delta(n,2)

Lazar Alexander : Vertex Order Shellings

Le Mogne LoïcDeficit and (q, t)-symmetry in triangular Dyck paths

Rivezzi Andrea : Combinatorics of the Universal Drinfeld-Yetter algebra

Schreier-Aigner Florian : (-1)-Enumerations of arrowed Gelfand-Tsetlin patterns

Tamayo Jiménez Daniel : Combinatorial Aspects of Realizations of the s-Permutahedron