Kick-off meeting of CA21109 COST Action CaLISTA

The CaLISTA kick-off meeting is a workshop in hybrid form organized in the framework of the COST project CA21109 – Cartan geometry, Lie, Integrable Systems, quantum group Theories for Applications.

It aims to:

  • Deepen the understanding of Cartan parabolic geometris and their potential applications in SUSY, Quantum groups and Information Geometry;
  • Develop quantum differentiable calculus on quantum principal bundles and homogeneous quantum spaces
  • Foster the communication among the communities of Integrable Systems, Quantum groups to reach machine learning applications;
  • Encourage the visibility and contributions of young researches and innovators from ITC, while safeguarding gender balance and enhancing diversity in the Action
  • Increase the visibility of CaLISTA themes in a wider community both academic and industrial and among the general public.



Organizing committee:

Simonetta Abenda, Rita Fioresi and Emanuele Latini
Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna



CaLISTA Dissemination Activity:


Wednesday June 7, 5pm

A Mathematical Walk in Bologna Center

led by Prof. S. Benvenuti

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