Aula Absidale di Santa Lucia - Via de' Chiari 25, Bologna  

                                   Michael M. Cox

                                       will share his considerations

                               On the Nature of Science


The talk focuses on how science is defined, what a scientist is, and  what the scientific method is all about. The emphasis is on honesty and reproducibility and how these principles are applied in science.

"Science is both a process and a body of knowledge acquired via that process. Science in general is characterized by (a) a reliance on reproducibility, (b) a requirement for honesty, and (c) a focus on the natural world. Philosophically, science is underpinned by the assumption that the natural world itself is unchanging, and can be understood via application of the scientific method. The scientific method is many methods, all linked by the characteristics above and by their capacity to generate knowledge that meets the definition of a scientific idea and that can be built upon. A scientist is an individual who uses some part of the scientific method to gain knowledge about the natural world. These concepts and others will be described and elaborated in this presentation" - M. Cox