PhD Welcome Day. A PhD student wearing cap and gown smiles on the graduation day.

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The University of Bologna invites the incoming PhD students (37th cycle) to the PhD Welcome Day, wich will be held on Friday, January 28th 2022, at 1.30 p.m. 

The event, designed to give to the incoming PhD students a warm welcome into the UniBo community, offers some tips and hints that will hopefully make their academic path at the University of Bologna as smooth as possible. 

It is an opportunity for the new students to get acclimated to University by discovering the main administrative services supporting PhD students’ career.

Presentations will be in Italian with interpreting in English.

Five breakout rooms will be simultaneously available.

A special breakout room will be dedicated to international PhD students (about visa, residence permit, etc).

During the virtual meeting rooms, participants will be able to receive information concerning the administrative services in place to support their PhD career. 

The event will end with a PhD café session, hosted by the Association of Italian PhD students and former PhD students (ADI), during which PhD students will be able to exchange views on the challenges of the doctoral path in a relaxed and social atmosphere.

The meeting will be held remotely on the Platform Microsoft Teams with no request of previous registration.