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The Italian Association of Canadian Studies and the Association ARCHI are glad to announce the



As the acronym (Applying Research, Cultural Heritage & Innovation) reveals, the no-profit association ARCHI was born to support academic research - and not exclusively- to pursue social innovation in order to respond to the challenges of our time.

Given the vanguard role that Canada has acquired in the management of the complex diversities of its population and following the results and the experiences enjoyed by Archi with the European Project Performigrations: People are the Territory and the collaborations offered to the project WeTell – Storytelling & Civic Awareness, both coordinated by the Department of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures of the University of Bologna, the collaboration with the Italian Association of Canadian Studies (AISC) aims to encourage the attribution of grants and awards to deserving students who, assisted by AISC professors or their Canadian equivalents, has conducted a research on how Canada has dealt with the challenges of the present.

Subject of the Master Thesis

As stated during the last AISC conference held in Bari in 2019, during the year 2021 ARCHI wishes to offer an award to the Best Master Thesis to a student who analyzes in an original way, considering the studies on superdiversity in complex societies, a topic related to the most recent evolutions occurring in the Canadian culture. The dissertation must be assigned by either an Italian University or a Canadian one, in any discipline, and written in Italian, English or French.

Here, the notion of Superdiversity is not limited to the intense diversification of the Canadian population in social, ethnic, and economics terms, but it also embraces the formation of new lifestyles, new ways of sharing and thinking public spaces, which led to the formation of new cultural, technological, linguistic, literary, artistic forms and practices that go beyond the ethnic characteristics codified within one’s own group of origin.


Modes of Participation

In order to be considered eligible, a dissertation must have been defended during the period that goes from January 2020 to October 2021. The thesis must be sent in PDF format to the e-mail address: by October 31, 2021, in one file containing the name_surname and contacts of the candidate. The PDF must be sent with a letter of presentation about the project written by a University professor regularly subscribed to AISC, or else it shall not be considered valid.

The Award Committee

The Committee is formed by the Presidents of ARCHI and AISC, together with another AISC member. The award winner is selected by the committee and it will be announced during the AISC annual conference that will be held in Bologna in December 2021. If, due to the lack of candidates lacking the requisite hitherto mentioned, the Committee decides to not award the prize, it will be possible to award it on the following year, on the condition that the criteria hitherto discussed are met.


The Award to the Best Master Thesis presented on the topic requested by this call consists of a roundtrip flight ticket (economy class) from Italy to a Canadian destination or from Canada to an Italian destination. The winner can claim his/her prize within six months from the victory announcement. If the student wants, he or she can publish his/her dissertation on the website of both associations. Moreover, the winner will be offered the membership to both associations for the year 2022.

For more information, please contact:

Anna Mongibello:

AISC (Associazione Italiana di Studi Canadesi;

ARCHI (Applying Research, Cultural Heritage & Innovation;

Bologna March 10, 2021



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