The 27th International Conference on Transport Theory (ICTT-27) will be held in Bertinoro (Italy). The sessions will take place at the Conference Center of the University of Bologna, CEUB, and foresee both oral and poster presentations. Although originally planned in August 2021, it will take place July 10th-16th, 2022, due the danger posed at the time by the arriving 4th wave of the pandemic.

Bertinoro is a medieval town in the Italian region known as Romagna that spans east of Bologna all the way to the Adriatic sea. Bertinoro is settled on a hill, topped by the ancient castle where our event will take place. In late August the weather is generally fine albeit not particularly hot. Bertinoro is surrounded by vineyards, as it is considered the capital of the Sangiovese wine.

Following the tradition of a biennial series affectionately known as the “Blacksburg Meeting”, the conference aims to bring together researchers from the international mathematics, physics and engineering communities to present recent developments in modeling, analytical and computational methods for the transport equations arising in several fields of interest.

Topics covered will include, but are not restricted to,

  • Neutron, photon and charged particle transport
  • Radiation/matter coupling
  • Reactor physics
  • Plasma physics
  • Radiative transfer
  • Quantum transport and kinetic theory
  • Analytic and semianalytic transport solutions
  • Deterministic and Monte Carlo numerical modeling
  • All aspects of kinetic theory
  • Radiological protection
  • Epidemiological modelling
  • Kinetic models in bio and social sciences


Social events will be organized for participants and accompanying persons.