Prin Project

The workshop International Trade and Intellectual Property Rights is funded by Italian Ministry of University and Research under the PRIN (Research Projects of National Interest) 2017 program.

The project is titled New Protectionist Policies: Political Determinants and Economic Consequences with Alireza Naghavi as the Principal Investigator. The partners are University of Bologna, Bocconi University, University of Milan, and University of Chieti-Pescara.

The project explores the causes and effects of trade and trade-related policies in the current global context. The aim is to provide a more general understanding of the new protectionist challenges, providing credible advice for policymakers, scholars, and practitioners to anticipate their impact on location, ownership, and organizational patterns of international production.

Unpacking the role of political domestic determinants, particularly related to populist shifts in Europe and the rest of the world, the project is tracking their impact on trade, intellectual property regulations, and trade litigation patterns among states, incorporating the EU and WTO mediation effects, to ultimately produce a diversified menu of welfare-enhancing policy and business solutions.