FutureDesignEd Symposium
Innovation in Design Education
Innovation in Education by Design

30 September 2017
Opificio Golinelli, Bologna

University of Bologna
Design Programmes



- is an international symposium that will take place on 30 September 2017 at the Opificio Golinelli in Bologna during the Bologna Design Week 2017. A day of study to show the results of an ongoing research project and to give voice, through direct testimonies of protagonists from all over the world, to the strategies and motivations behind the innovation excellence in the didactic curricula of design universities, but also to the alternative training realities based on approaches and tools from the cultures of design;

- is an ongoing academic research project engaging over 100 international observers and experts, involved in reporting experiences that relate to design-driven educational processes;

- is a social-media platform to promote the symposium and the research project but also to inform and engage students, citizens, educators, researchers, practitioners, businesses and all other stakeholders regarding educational processes and transformations in which design is interpreted as an innovation factor.