FutureDesign for Knowledge Innovation 2021

Future Design for Knowledge Innovation is an international symposium organized by the Advanced Design Unit of University of Bologna in March 2021 whose ambition is to reflect from multiple perspectives on four dimensions of knowledge innovation within complex organisations: processes and strategies, tools and techologies, communities and formats enabling a renewed knowledge and learning experience. 

The initiative is the occasion to share the results of a call launched in the previous months towards an international network made of academics, entrepreneurs, professional designer and experts in the field of learning and education sector. The event has been also conceived to try to give an answer to some "breakthrough questions” related to the evolution of organisational knowledge and learning. What is and will be the relationship between space and learning? How do enabling technologies change the learning experience? How can design innovate current learning systems? How do the “prosumerism” dynamics influence learning processes? How to create a "continuous community" in the field of knowledge innovation that starts to aggregate research, experience, practices? 

The entire process of analysis and selection of cases and research topics have been supervised by a Scientific Committee made of academics, experts and stakeholders qualified in the field of knowledge innovation and diversified in terms of expertise and background.

Please find the link to the initiative website here: https://adu.unibo.it/ki/symposium/